Network promotion to choose the right target and crowd

contact from the beginning to network promotion now a good time too fast, already two months, really is from scratch from scratch to fumble, reading, also wrote a lot of articles today, in retrospect, two months is not long, how do I do these


began their way of thinking is to themselves to the promotion of the website as the starting point, first define customer groups to determine the target, the second one is looking for promotion of the media, and then want to promote better! This is the original intention! There are others to experience that some inherent mode of network promotion: soft Wen promotion method, blog (including various types of blog promotion method, QQ group, fanchon). But due to various reasons, anxious, imperceptibly lost


below to talk about the results of practice. Perhaps the time is not enough, or the wrong direction, we discuss together.

is the first to talk about the promotion: work hard, learn, can write a level of articles with links!! the Admin5 webmaster kind website also made was reproduced a lot! Know that this kind of thing can not be impatient, slowly accumulated, and the original update every day


said the following blog: the opening of a lot of blog types including SNS, absolutely no irrigation, each is careful management, and keep updated every day, but the updated content from the primary one, the rest of the blog almost all the blog reproduced primary articles! Everyday is also! The activities in the blogosphere.

this is the main part of the proportion of the promotion work, and so on two months later, check the included, found that the chain did not increase a few, it seems that there is no increase in a few. But the article is written are included, the chain number is not as we increase the site outside the chain! Blog as it contains less


then he wants to reason, our website is doing a comprehensive query class website, including life, worms, and the webmaster of query tools! But what I write is tend to write SEO things, published in place two categories, a class a station. The blog is casual! Yes SEO information in the webmaster forum is OK, but visitors are personal webmaster, is to go see your post, comments are not, what about to click on your article content, to see that this is a little small advertising! There is a hair in the blog, the webmaster articles on the blog for more needless to say, not what people want to see, are generally from search engines, see the article will leave, the conversion rate is very low, after all our website The proportion of people living in the category of most of the query.

so I made two mistakes, from the original idea:

first, the target group with the actual content of the site to promote the relationship is not almost all adsense.

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