Alibaba’s dilemma to deserve to be malicious attacks

source: Tiger sniffing network Author: Lu Ling Village

it seems that public opinion is in dilemma Alibaba all big companies will face: when a company to a certain extent, it deserved to move, will be another logical interpretation.

from yesterday, and a storm around the company staged a plurality of look related WeChat account posting, "said Shenzhen WeChat group mad Ali, Hangzhou police overnight inter provincial survey". All of a sudden, Ali said criticism around in the WeChat, the circle of friends wandering, prove that this business become "big and evil" and that, while "big and die" has also become a further extension of the public opinion.

fact is not so complicated. According to Ali’s official micro-blog "peace Ali yesterday (February 6th) evening released by micro-blog show," for a long time, the self proclaimed "B2B e-commerce platform" in Southern China and the largest cloud platform net loan system "of Shenzhen city science and Technology Co., Dumont several times in the WeChat platform, no factual and legal basis for evil attack, slander and business reputation of the Taobao brand and company executives personal derogatory, Taobao (Chinese) software limited company to carry on the preservation of evidence, and the" Taobao Ali tax 5 trillion, over 100 countries such as GDP "due to the bad rumors and slander information to the public security organs".

this inference, the police action should be on a regular report after receiving the inquiry. A public message after the show, the police in this process in full accordance with the normal procedures in handling: according to the Shenzhen science and technology since the publication Dumont visible, Hangzhou police brought a letter of introduction, and accompanied by the Shenzhen police to carry out routine questioning related people. This is the police should have authority, there is no law enforcement flaws.

however, it is such a simple move, and Alibaba these four words together, even if the spin becomes a storm of public opinion. The truth seems to be no longer important.

but it doesn’t seem fair to the police. There are several issues that need to be clarified:

first, whether the right to choose the Alibaba’s malicious slander to choose a report?

the answer is obvious. Alibaba as a business entity, that when their legitimate rights and interests are hurt, obviously you can choose to use legal means to safeguard their rights and interests are no longer continue to hurt — the choice is a criminal report, or civil prosecution, it is also hurt the autonomy of individual rights — as to whether it will be recognized by the law to do decision.

in other words, as a legitimate operation of the enterprise, Alibaba choose to report is its own power, as to whether it can be recognized, which is the police and even the judiciary. At this point, the Alibaba does not participate, should not bear should not be borne by the notoriety.

and this event has been revealed

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