Hishop participate in the construction of Changsha E Commerce Association

e-commerce is now popular domestic industries, the rapid development of electronic commerce not only in the coastal area, Hunan is also in rapid development, and gradually formed a branch of e-commerce in order to help the electronic commerce development of Hunan, Hunan better, the local e-commerce industry standardization, Changsha electronic commerce association was founded Changsha led by the Municipal Bureau of commerce the tension is building.

it is understood that Changsha E-Commerce Association is the enterprises and individuals from the Changsha range in related fields of electronic commerce research and development and application of the combination of voluntary, local, industry and nonprofit organizations. The business department of the association shall be the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and shall be subject to the guidance and supervision of the Changsha Municipal Civil Affairs bureau. To build a bridge between the government and the enterprise, timely to the government’s directives, policies, regulations, industry orientation, etc. communicated to the members of the unit. Members of the unit to the requirements of the construction of the industry, the common problems of the enterprise, such as the government to assist the government in the national economic strategy under the deployment of the market, make the right decisions.

recently Changsha maritime network technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hishop) officially joined Changsha E-Commerce Association, became the executive director of the unit, work together to build Changsha Electronic Commerce Association and other governing units, to promote the local e-commerce industry, rapid and orderly and standardized development of a power.

Hishop began in 2002, long-term focus on the development of B2C online shopping software and related independent shop value-added services provided. 7 years, our software products and value-added services accumulated over more than 120 thousand of the target customers, is the largest independent ASP.NET shop service providers. By the end of 2006, Hishop began to supply the supplier with a shop source distribution, online channel development, online brand franchise function of the supply of online shop agent distribution system". Is the first company to launch online supply distribution shop system software products and related independent shop source distribution value-added service products online service providers. At the same time, it is also the first in China, that is, direct marketing system software products, but also has the source of the distribution of online shop system software products independent shop service provider. The company’s main business is for small and medium enterprises, individual network operators and webmaster provide independent B2C shopping website to build a one-stop service package and shop promotion, supply shop, shop related services provide personalized value-added services related to the shop.

after seven years of development, the company has become one of the most influential independent online service providers. The company has excellent software product development and design team, focus on Internet shopping software to develop with independent core technology and intellectual property rights and close to the needs of the user independent shop value-added service products, the main products Hishop shop system and related value-added service shop is currently the most cost-effective, one of the most popular independent shop series service product. At the same time, by Hishop and Alipay, property >

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