On how to promote local talent website

before a lot of talent on the promotion of the website are just some of the traditional way of promotion, such as newspapers, newspapers, TV promotion like, but now with the increase of network promotion, SEO and search engine, web talent should also keep pace with social progress together, talent website should also do online the promotion, following by A5 SEO in the diagnosis of consultants and talk about what the talent website should be how to do online promotion

?Construction of

talent pool

for any talent website, pre construction should first do the talent pool, especially for local talent website, more emphasis should be placed on the local concentration of talent, therefore, want to do a good job of talent website, it will attract a large number of excellent talents to become members of the site registered, you. In addition, but also to attract local large institutions, business units, so that they understand that you have a lot of talent on the site information, so that they pay, is willing to come to your website to publish recruitment information.

based on the promotion of the medium-term website

for any type of website, in the line after the need to increase the strength of the promotion, only do a comprehensive promotion in order to let more people understand and know our website, is the first of course do SEO work, SEO work let website has a suitable position in the search engine, so that the user can it is easy to find our website, it would need to be promoted, a full range of sites such as micro-blog, Oracle, forum, know inquiry platform, Links, web directory platform, need Adsense reasonable promotion planning.

late adherence to daily work is the key to

Whether it is

or SEO to website promotion is very important, if you can not adhere to the long-term to do so, if you find a really know their own website promotion methods, the effect is also very good, but do it only once, every one, so the effect is also greatly discounted. After the promotion of the website you may do work for a long time will feel very boring, every day to do that work, what is not new, this is the fact that the website promotion work is that work is to repeat themselves, to be successful, it must stick to it, otherwise difficult to have your website good ranking, very difficult to succeed.

If you

the above three aspects are ready, then we must have a certain sense of innovation in the daily work, website promotion work all is so, you are doing so, but the real success of the webmaster, not just blind to do the work, there is more to know why. Do, do so to achieve the effect is what kind of? A5 (http://s.seo.admin5.com/) SEO diagnostic advisor finally is to yourself every step of the operation has a very clear understanding, and will sometimes come up with some new ideas, and then go to the application to the website, look for "how is the effect?

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