id Software tries unique Online Pass for Rage

first_imgid Software’s Tim Willits revealed in a recent interview that the studio’s upcoming shooter Rage will feature an online pass that gates off some content solely to original buyers, but the company’s approach will be more subtle than that of other companies to use such passes.“Have you found any sewer hatches?” asked Willits to his Eurogamer interviewer. (Sewer hatches appear to be non-essential branches off into separate parts of the game world, comparable to Vaults in Fallout 3.) That content, the hatches, will be open to first-time buyers. It’s downloadable content, Willits explained, but doesn’t require payment if you buy a new copy of the game.Willits downplayed the importance of this content. “Most people never even see it,” he said of the hatches. In essence, the content behind a paywall is far less central to the game than, say, the game’s entire multiplayer component (as EA Sports games have started doing) or large, story-critical parts of the single-player campaign. When walled off sections of the game are put right in people’s faces complaints can start, but by using them as bonus material EA aims to keep all customers happy.That line of questioning turned into requiring persistent connections, as upcoming hits Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3 are confirmed to do. Willits believes that the industry is headed that way. Half-Life 2 launched Steam, and Diablo 3 will “make everyone else accept the fact” that connections will be required, he said. Moreover, he supports requiring persistent connections and wishes that gamers would “have that be acceptable.” Anticipating anger from the masses, he persisted. “In the end, it’s better for everybody,” he said, citing the convenience of automatically updated games and new content. He added that “juggernauts” like Valve or Blizzard have to be the ones to force these changes in the industry. “I’m always connected,” he concluded. “Our fans are always connected.”via Eurogamerlast_img

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