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One of the benefits of

work in multinational Internet is higher, you can from the broader perspective of the feelings of Chinese Internet, my experience is: the same business model, UI design, the same products in Japan, the conversion rate of up to 80% (that is, to the site of the Japanese people will have a further 80% network the purchase behavior, the United States 60%, and China) is 15% (i.e. 85% is boring people, namely the invalid clicks, no purchase behavior, just look at). People often say that China’s e-commerce market is not mature, you do not personally experience, you will not understand the weight and meaning of this sentence. There is Europe and the United States, more than 60% of Internet users in Japan will take the initiative to click on the Internet advertising is aware of advertising, while China is less than 10%.

      therefore, each industry has the essence of each industry, the nature of the search industry will flow from the entertainment business traffic. The nature of the e-commerce industry is the rate of conversion (ie, the proportion of people who come to your site to further convert consumption). I do online recruitment industry is aware of the amount of resume delivery is the essence of the recruitment website industry, and the 90% network recruitment industry people only concerned about the amount of browsing, resume registration. 10 recruitment site CEOs have 9 do not know their own website every day the exact number of resume delivery.

      see below can be seen in the news Yahoo China will avoid the comprehensive flow into competition in pursuit of commercial traffic, may suffer in the short term, 2 years later, you will feel the power of Yahoo Chinese:

      YAHOO search traffic Alibaba owned by taobao.com, Alibaba and partners of word-of-mouth network flow are all integrated into YAHOO, which makes YAHOO search can fully cover the strong consumption capacity and the purchase of search users, but it also makes the YAHOO search search market has become most commercial traffic search firms.

Not long ago, Google

, in order to improve the traffic and community site Tianya to carry out a comprehensive cooperation at the operational level. The industry has also come to Baidu in the form of advertising for the stake in the form of shares Youku Youku, does not rule out the possibility of further acquisitions. Internet veteran commentator Hong Bo believes that this year should be the key to enhance the flow of Google year. As Google’s market share continues to decline, traffic has become an imminent problem. Google investment horizon, no doubt in the short term to improve the flow.

for business customers to search for the effectiveness requirements of the continuous upgrading and search market competition environment changes in customer reality, 2007 YAHOO established through business flow, enhance the search engine to enhance search marketing effect, improve customer satisfaction to attract new business customers, the stability of existing enterprise customers, promote the popularization and application of search marketing strategy. The integration of Taobao YAHOO, Alibaba and word of mouth network traffic is considered to be an important measure to enhance the flow of commercial YAHOO search.

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