Xbox One June update includes external storage smarter SmartGlass and

first_imgThe update train just keeps on rolling for Xbox One fans, and the June feature list contains more than a few goodies for everyone to enjoy.A big criticism from the launch of the Xbox One was the lack of external storage support for the console. Sure it came with a 500GB hard drive and you could store every launch title on the system and still have plenty of space left over, but what happens in two years when you’ve bought a bunch of games and don’t want to have to negotiate with your hard drive to install a new game?Now we know that the USB 3.0 port on the side of the console can be used to add storage to the console. Microsoft is limiting this to a minimum of 256GB for expansion, and once it is connected the drive has to be formatted and merged into the OS, but the only limit to storage after this update will be your wallet.Microsoft is pushing the Xbox One SmartGlass update that we’ve seen in the beta groups for a little while now, and it’s going to make your OneGuide a lot more useful while making SmartGlass more like a Universal Remote. You can check out our hands on of the beta version of SmartGlass if you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the features. If you’re a fan of watching TV through your Xbox One, this is a going to be a big deal for you.The nickname system in the Xbox One Friends layout is getting a Real Name mode, and with that comes a complicated explanation from Major Nelson himself to make sure you aren’t accidentally giving your real name to that 14 year old whose mother you insulted during a Call of Duty session last night.You can set groups of friends so that they can see your real name, making it easier to recognize you in the list of friends unless you’ve been using the same handle for years and all of your friends online know that. The feature looks plenty easy to activate and control, which will be cool for anyone who has had their Xbox Live handle forever and doesn’t want to be known as RainbowSuperCuddles907 anymore.Like the last update, now that the Xbox One has logical update policies, you can get the update while you’re sleeping or you can try and force the update by checking in the system menu once it becomes available. The update should roll out over a weekend, and will also update the console to move a bunch of the Xbox Live apps from the other side of the paywall.It’s an exciting month of shiny new things for Xbox from Microsoft, and solid evidence of continued momentum for the platform.last_img

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