How to use 618 Shopping Festival business opportunities

in recent years, the rapid development of electronic business has also created fierce competition in the market situation, businesses are bound to the effort of the tricks in marketing on the road course, is more of an occasion to marketing, especially in major festivals, who did not want to miss a big opportunity.


618 is coming, it is not what special day, but one of the giants of the Jingdong business anniversary, after years of accumulation, seems to have been a conventional, is a Jingdong in the summary is the years to promote, promote between consumption and consumer feedback, will usher in a wave of wave of marketing, thereby affecting the entire electricity market. Over time, the 618 Shopping Festival has become a norm, but also to businesses have brought a lot of business opportunities.

first, seize the advantages of 618 electricity supplier festival.

said 618, should often online shopping consumers think of first is the years to promote, subconsciously think all participate in the activities of commodity prices will be cheaper than usual, with a lower price to buy the same thing is not good? Seize the psychological consumers, marketers should consider this the shopping festival advertising done, to attract the attention of consumers and, as commodity prices how preferential how discount, can later plan. Since 618 is the minds of consumers recognized the shopping festival, it is a kind of advantage, others are busy, you don’t have to be lazy.

second, learning Jingdong’s spike mechanism.

618 spike is a feature of this festival, business opportunities do not lie in the spike can generate much revenue, but is able to earn much popularity, thus driving the entire marketing atmosphere, promote marketing. After all, this strategy is a Jingdong in the years of practice really effective marketing plan, it is better to the user, the occupation of the market. However, there was a 618 for example:

to seckill activities

2010 315 CCTV exposure HP notebook quality problems, reported the incident occurred on campus, but HP had made a surprising response: they found the China cockroaches too much, cockroaches drill into the HP notebooks that led to quality problems, but also refused to recall. This arrogance angered China consumers, also let HP as a "strong" incident sales greatly reduced, full channel decline.

HP eventually hold can not live, find the Jingdong, want to cooperate, and then HP’s monthly sales in Jingdong has fallen to 20 million per month. 2011, Jingdong and HP cooperation in 618, HP offers a variety of categories to participate in online activities, the month of sales of HP 3C products to achieve the big, after the end of the big promotion in the beginning of July, monthly sales steady at 50 million in the month of.

visible, worth of business opportunities to delve into "seckill".

third, shaping the word of mouth from the logistics.


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