Joint success of the cause of the success of the entrepreneurial team U MA

Although the U.MA

has now spent B period, but due to their long B test and lessons learned, the old Ann young heart cast a deep shadow, often wake up in the middle of the night, the essence of others are always afraid to see through their own C, a voice shouting: you only C. Don’t install B, you better than BC.

is a small team of more than six months after the B years, the design of website, all the bustling about integration of suppliers, build brand…… But the only problem is that there is no sales. Now in retrospect, it should be a good C, there is no technical strength and a strong supply chain should not touch the road B. If you really do a good C at that time, now may be another scene. Of course, all of this is before August last year.

after August, with the media exposure and Dangdang Lee supported by some external support and help, U.MA began to have some qualitative change, site has slowly developed, suppliers also gradually stabilized, sales also have a qualitative leap, precisely, too the things we considered is a B, but a very small B.

and after 4 months of preparation and accumulation, the beginning of 2010, an old I can get to sleep, because no longer installed B and uneasy.

today, U.MA’s efforts to become a really big B, but need to add a lot of friends in the process, these friends need to grow together with U.MA and hard work, now, U.MA hopes to share with you the joy and pain, our joy and sorrow.

a B speech, hope and ready to install B, C and B are really ready to install C friends together.

B is really very tired, because the starting point and the threshold is much higher than we thought, do not think that a separate site is B, an independent website can really make you sell things were not so easy, but this point U.MA with not less than 4 months, and are still popular website system the problem of poison. If U.MA re elected, I would rather be a really C, although C is a small, but at least you can focus on money and energy so the main sales of this core competitiveness, this is a lot to B C people is worthy of praise.

B the second feeling is not rush to do the brand, because this is a very massive task, especially for early B and B brothers, this will make the whole supply chain becomes very difficult to establish, if U.MA is not in order to adhere to the brand building, then in the supply chain will be a lot easier. And this is a U.MA with not less than 3 months, although the product supply chain now U.MA has its own brand.

B third B the cost of feeling is much higher than the C, whether it is the promotion and operation, C can do 400 less call center, less a lot of brand promotion, can also reduce the amount of packaging and service cost, only need to do one thing, and that is to sell, because most.

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