6 letters in the domain of Com WW com high hands

renamed China (eName.cn) May 14th news, recently, the domain name WW.com low-key master, buyers for investors Kang Sheng, the transaction price is unknown. The domain name is from overseas investors last year Hangwei repurchase.

figure: 26 letters.Com domain name status

2 letter.Com domain name is scarce, which is a domain name in the boutique boutique, only 26. The domain name WW.com is "cultural relics" and "nest", "doll", "Wangwang" means, and "Wo Wo Group", "network" and other terminal related.

of the transaction price is unknown, the domain name WW.com from overseas repurchase price of $1 million 50 thousand, about 6 million 540 thousand yuan. Now the price of the 2 letter.Com domain names in the number of more than 7 digits to the number of, and such as the scarcity of WW.com domain names, there is no figure should not be able to get down.

26.Com 2 letters stack letter names is elusive, in the market is extremely rare, there are only 6 names in the country, in addition to the Tencent (QQ.com), YY broadcast (YY.com), KK.com, MM.com, VV.com respectively, WW.com. In last year’s statistics, only 4 in the country.

in recent years, the 2 letters.Com domain skyrocketed, many terminal particularly fond, in addition to frequently mentioned Tencent (QQ.com), millet (MI.com), Jingdong (JD.com), last month, Google also acquired a 2 letter domain name YT.com. In addition to the domain name YM.com is also a million dollar price change.

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