China’s first T channel media computer business daily to suspend operations

computer daily front page of the website only outage announcement

  January 30th morning news, the country’s first IT channel professional media, computer business daily has recently discontinued operations. The issue has been sponsored by Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID group) to recover, but most of the core team members will start a new publication. Allegedly this change associated with IDG withdrawals.

from the outside world, the computer daily shut down the incident quite suddenly. There are signs that the media seems to work is still at the beginning of the month, and the Spring Festival immediately after the news came to suspend operations. Now visit its official website, in addition to a blank page in the center, a few red "this site suspended operations!".

According to

, "computer business" are being liquidated, and the number has been saidijituan back. Insiders said, according to the current situation, "very little possibility of computer business" reopened, and the source of Sina Technology said, at least in mid December last year, has heard this magazine will change the message.

"TWICE" China editor in its micro-blog said, "just the old leadership Guoxiu Juan gave me a call, said the core team of the original" computer business ", from CCID, will officially start a new" business partner "in the next month". And Guo Xiujuan served as executive director and general manager of the computer business daily.

Yuan Maofeng

of sina said, "shut down the computer business" associated with IDG divestment. According to its introduction, "computer business" of the core team to prepare its "business partner" magazine, has been given a new issue and investment; and several "computer business" sales to work to "software and information service".

although the computer business daily performance is generally considered to be a lack of bright spots, but the suspension is still regarded as the outside world IDG traditional IT media confidence is gradually reduced.

from IDG China’s official website information display, involving a total of six types of publications IT. Are: "computer world", "network world", "microcomputer world", "digital fine world", "computer daily", "computer enthusiasts", etc.. To date, the adjustment did not have an official message related issue.

official data show, "computer business" by the Ministry of industry, sponsored by the Chinese tube electronic Information Industry Development Institute, was officially inaugurated in May 1998, is the first domestic IT professional media and computer network channels; has a membership of 320 thousand people, the average daily traffic of about 180 thousand, about 39 thousand independent IP.

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