The central bank digital currency really came to the industry point of praise while there are still

central bank or will become the world’s first issue of digital currency and the real application of the central bank.


source: Vision China

central bank continued to promote legal digital currency landing initiatives and substantive progress. According to Caixin news, the central bank to promote the digital trading platform based on the block chain has been tested successfully, the central bank issued a legal digital currency has been tested on the platform.

since 2013, the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan instructions to set up a digital currency, the core group, the central bank has issued a number of years to issue legal digital currency. From a variety of indications, regulators recently significantly accelerate the advancement of digital currency landing process.

in January 20, 2016, the central bank held a symposium on digital currency, for the first time that "will soon launch a digital currency" dominated by the central bank this strategic target; in July, the central bank started by digital currency projects, and in November after the public release of recruitment information of personnel of research and development of digital currency.

interface news reporter who was informed that the central bank legal digital currency prototype system Demo is expected to launch after the spring festival. The central bank’s digital currency Institute will be officially listed.

this may mean that the central bank will become the world’s first issue of digital currency and the real application of the central bank.

"at last!" the Hang Seng electronic bank financial management division to solve the general manager Yan Bin said the news on the interface, digital currency in broad sense including electronic currency, virtual currency and legal digital currency, such as bank cards, online banking, electronic cash, such as Alipay, caifutong, Q coins belong to digital currency, digital the central bank’s monetary research exactly should be digital RMB, itself is a money is not only a kind of means of payment, a 100 yuan note digital currency 100 yuan issued no longer need the corresponding, is a legal Encryption Digital currency.

According to the interpretation of

in the Financial Technology Innovation Conference in the financial markets department, industrial and Commercial Bank of Dr. Zhou Yonglin the day before, may establish a distributed ledger for future digital currency registration issued by the central bank, which the central bank to provide free identity verification and free download basic digital wallet.

more than a lot of industry insiders agree. In their view, the central bank legal digital currency trial run successfully, from the development of financial technology and block chain is regarded as a major milestone node. Yan Bin believes that the first is a form of currency evolution, this evolution will cause the corresponding financial impact on the economy, digital currency will be applied to various industries, will also have a corresponding impact on people’s daily life.

followed by block chain is a major good news. At present, the domestic financial institutions in the study of block chain in full swing, but there is a core issue is still not resolved, that is, ecological payments. Finance is very important

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