Huicong board setbacks stock prices 16% HK 1 billion 400 million no

[Abstract] HC today the opening price of HK $13.48, but after the opening prices fell sharply, the highest decline reached 17%


technology news (Le Tian) October 13th news, from Hongkong to the GEM listed on the main board of the stock exchange, B2B business platform suffered a negative start. Despite the general decline in technology stocks, but the performance is even worse, today fell 15.58%.

HC today the opening price of HK $13.48, but after the opening prices fell sharply, the highest decline reached 17%, HC closed at HK $11.38, down $2.1, a decline of 15.58%, the market value of HK $1 billion 400 million evaporated, currently at $7 billion 540 million.


has been listed in Hongkong gem in 2003, once reduced to a "penny stock" (referring to the price of less than 1 yuan, only points as denominated stocks), the last two results are getting better. Results showed that HC in the first half of 2014 sales revenue of about 465 million 300 thousand yuan, representing an increase of about 30.1% over the same period in 2013.

The day before

started by the gem into the motherboard. The official said that the transfer of listing is mainly to enhance the overall image and improve the HC stock circulation quantity, is good for the company’s financial flexibility and business development, will have more investment professionals and institutions.


staff issued shares also said that today, in every employee, managers will receive 10000 per share IPO, a total value of more than HK $70 million, the general staff of each 1000 shares of the original stock, a total value of approximately HK $40 million.

The number of shares issued by the

HC lock time 2 years. These shares at the current market value of more than HK $one hundred million hc. At present, the main income of HC from the Internet directory, membership services, business directories, meetings and other services.

although the share price fell sharply, HC still transfer success. Previously, the board had HC episode, its first in May 2013, submitted to the HKEx board application, due to the single largest shareholder changes, does not comply with the relevant policies of Hong Kong and withdrawn.

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