Twitter Chen Kui head of Greater China leaving Hongkong office almost completely disabled

if there are people looking forward to twitter (Twitter) will come to Chinese mainland, can temporarily don’t want to push the large: Managing Director Chen Kui (Kathy Chen) will leave the distance she took only less than 9 months. So far, twitter for the reception of Chinese customers and the establishment of the Hongkong office, has been left alone.

Chen Kui used twitter announced his resignation news: her first English bursts of 12, and with Chinese bursts of 6, the future of the business district, the big push yourself after taking office to bring the results, the Greater China region, as well as their harvest this time on twitter work.

"over the past two years, our advertisers in Greater China have grown at an annual rate of about 400%. Thank you very much for your support and trust…… I have successfully helped push Twitter’s advertising business in Greater China as the fastest growing region in the world, and it’s time to pursue my next dream." She wrote in two tweets.


for his own future, Chen Kui is no clear description, only "I will take some English time off to recharge, study about different cultures and then pursue more international business opportunities." (I will rest for a period of time to charge, to learn different cultures and explore more opportunities for international business.


in mainland China, Twitter’s main business is advertising rather than social networks, the service object is advertisers rather than ordinary users. It through the Hongkong office contact with the intention of advertising partners, and then provide advertising services.

latest twitter report, the company in the recently completed quarter net loss of $one hundred million. In order to save money, from the beginning of October this year, Twitter has been cut off about 10% employees. At the same time, there are many executives choose to leave. In November this year, twitter veteran employees, chief operating officer Adam · Byrne (Adam Bain) announced his resignation news; this month, the company’s chief technology officer Adam · Messinger (Adam Messinger) and Josh · Macfarlane, vice president of product; (Josh McFarland) also left the company.

PingWest play to understand that, despite being affected by the layoffs of the company, Chen Kui still belongs to leave.

Chen Kui studied at the Northern Jiaotong University computer professional. From 2005 to 2013, Chen Kui has worked in Microsoft and CISCO

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