in the photo the Suspension bridge model photo

first_imgin the photo: the “Suspension” bridge model[photo by Ivan Pintar]in the photo: the exhibition opening.[photo by Ivan Pintar]in the photo: the model of 3D Jersey in the atrium.[photo by Ivan Pintar]in the photo: The 3D Jersey model viewed from above.[photo by Annette Del Zoppo]There was a lot of press about this exhibition, some of the notable articles were:“Structure to House a City” by Paul Richard, WASHINGTON POST, February 17. 1970.‘Cities in Buildings’ Exhibits Lure, Rebel at the Corcoran” by M.M. Flatley, THE EVENING STAR, Washington D.C., February 21. 1970.“Fantasy Metropolis” by Wolf Von Eckardt, THE WASHINTON POST, February 21. 1970.“Will Tomorrow be lived in a Soleri City” by Diana McLellan, THE EVENING STAR, Washington D.C., February 26. 1970. Part of this article is about Paolo Soleri’s wife Colly “The Woman Behind Soleri”.“Architect of Tomorrow – A radical vision of the future in a spectacular exhibition at Washinton’s Corcoran Gallery”, ART GALLERY MAGAZINE, March 1970.“There’s no Place to go but up” by Paul Richard, THE SUNDAY STAR BULLETIN, March 1. 1970.“The Arcologist” by Douglas Davis, NEWSWEEK, March 2. 1970.“The Fantastic City” CHRONICLE SUNDAY PUNCH, March 8. 1970.“Architect Views a Crowded Spaceship” by John V. Conti, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, March 11. 1970.“Prophet in the Desert” by Ada Louise Huxtable, THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 15. 1970: “The Architectural Vision of Paolo Soleri” is an important and beautiful show.”“Mr. Soleri and His Better Plumbing” by John Pastier, THE NATIONAL OBSERVER, March 23. 1070“Soleri and Guimard are subjects of two major exhibits – Arcology stirs up a storm” ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, April 1970.“Soleri’s Solution” FORUM, April 1970.“Soleri’s Cities on Display” PROGRESSIVE ARCHITECTURE, April 1970.“Architeture” by Frederick Gutheim, NATION, New York, April 13. 1970.“A Dream to cure the urban nightmare – Sea Cities and vertical land cities”, INDUSTRY WEEK, April 20. 1970.“Visions of the City” by Louise Huxtable, THE STARS AND STRIPES, April 21. 1970.“Paolo Soleri: The Fine Art of Living” by Allen Brown Gardner, FINE ARTS, April 27. 1970.“Paolo Soleri & His Arcologies” by Tom Miller, ROLLING STONE, April 30. 1970“The Arcology of Paolo Soleri” by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, ARCHITECTURAL FORUM, May 1970“Soleri’s urban landscape” INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, May 1970This report continues on Friday, July 8. 2016. July 6, 2016We continue our report about the Paolo Soleri exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C. in 1970 with photos of the exhibition opening.The exhibition “The Architectural Vision of Paolo Soleri” opened on February 21. 1970. in the photo: at the opening in front of “Mesa City” plan, a montage of three scroll drawings, each 48 inches wide, making a display of 34 feet wide and 12 feet tall.[photo by Ivan Pintar]in the photo: at the opening – the model of the original “Arcosanti” design.There was an invitation mounted at the Arcosanti model, something along the lines of: “This summer we are starting to build Arcosanti in the Arizona desert, come join us”.And people came and they are still coming.  [photos by Ivan Pintar]last_img

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