Video site content content is difficult to achieve the main source of liquidity


domestic mainstream video sites have to enter the field of self-made drama (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on September 18th

at the end of 8, Beijing Chaowai SOHO a western style cafe, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong met with real estate heavyweights Pan Shiyi, two people all the way from the "815 electricity supplier price war" talk to the desert, childhood.

this is not a regular two person talks, but Youku homemade chat program "Friends" in the scene: the two meeting was sitting in front of a few cameras, and was marked with homemade.

2012, homemade video sites are becoming the most talked about areas of the word.

two years ago, the video site into the self, the outside world has been generally called "small workshop", "minor" hat. Right now, Youku potatoes, Sohu, odd arts, music, PPTV, 56 networks, etc. almost all video sites have claimed to continue to force homemade.

compared with a year ago, the various video sites have increased their investment in capital and manpower. Homemade good prospects, is on the eve of the outbreak." Similar remarks seem to imply that the video site on the road to a bright light.

But the Tencent

technology in the visit to know, two high-profile, homemade play video website commercial cashability is still weak, but the flow pattern accounted for the low, subject to advertisers and other embarrassment have become increasingly prominent. At least in the short term, in the flow, brand competitiveness, homemade video sites did not like television self-made, become the foundation of Taiwan or the ratings of the mainstay.

A large investment in

era can cultivate new production of industrial ecology

video site is entering the era of self-control." March 2012, Li Hao, vice president of 56 networks to make such a judgment.

video website homemade content mainly includes three sectors: Micro film, homemade drama and homemade programs. In the specific operation, in general, the appointment of its own video site director, planning staff, and some such as lighting, choreography is taken and film companies and three party cooperation, the two sides even common investment.

however, there are a few video sites, such as Iqiyi, try to complete their work to undertake all the self-made.

either via third party, or entirely their own way, from the beginning of last year, all the video sites while continuing to buy drama, while in favor of homemade content increase investment fund.

2012, odd art has been on the line of two stalls homemade variety show "terror, health alert" and "love GO no" every investment reached 10 million yuan.

in February 16th this year, the Sohu claims for its homemade column "to you, boy!" into the comprehensive resources of the yuan, a video site

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