Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

today to see GoogleAdsense out looks like " localization of " the treaty, the forum inside condemning Google, because this action is harmful to the interests of Publisher.

China’s owners of Google’s growing dissatisfaction with the recent review of Google action:

1 to reduce the click of the advertising area. The majority of the owners did not imagine the increase in the price of.

2.GoogleAdsense referrals referral income canceled. (although later produced a castrated version, but the basic domestic webmaster is basically not expected)

3 Picasa referral disappeared. (strange is that Origami in the local to do a HTML page can be displayed to promote, put on the Internet can not be displayed)

4.Firefox promotion in China will be lower prices (do not know how much lower)

5 if the localization of the GoogleAdsense treaty really implemented (but no one can stop it does not implement it), with RMB payment, it is inevitable to deduct taxes, and then the unit price is further reduced by.

there are one or two months before the formal implementation of this treaty Google, these people in the past one or two months, we quickly find other advertising alliance GoogleAdsense this basket to fall…

suddenly found Ali mother appeared really is the time, did Ma know Google to pay from the hands of Chinese owners


Origami recommendation:

if your site is to make money, it would quickly increase the number of new payment services or find some related enterprises to publish advertisements, or to buy some look promising sites when they grow up to sell.

if you only do Adsense. then quickly find a other advertising alliance, although the quality of the domestic advertising alliance is not very good, but slowly find themselves or there will be more appropriate to choose

if a product you have very good sales agents, then make a vest that product or its agent agent of rival products, so even if the ban is a user, can immediately enable another

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