Standing on the shoulders of giants after a 80 entrepreneurial story

Newton said: "if I see farther than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants."

80 ODA said: "if I can why entrepreneurial success, that is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." So, in the end who is ODA said the giant


today, after 80 has become a popular topic, 80 millionaire and billionaire has been commonplace, often can be seen on television. However, as a generation after the reform and opening up to grow up, there are still a lot of people in the hard thinking in the end how entrepreneurship.

20 head was still in college, ODA is a typical representative of 80, because science computer science major, so naturally he contacted IT industry. Have entrepreneurial impulse of ODA began his entrepreneurial journey in third. First, by virtue of their hard work and outstanding programming technology base, ODA got a lot of work to do our own from other companies, and in order to get entrepreneurship diyitongjin.

and many business people, ODA registered his own company, also began to move on to more business. He gradually discovered that, by virtue of their personal strength is also more and more as a method to provide customer service. So Xiaotian started to recruit their employees, and personally trained, but customer demand is diverse. ODA by virtue of its own technology and talent and can not fully meet the needs of enterprises, at the same time, ODA also does not have its own effort to develop some applications to meet the needs of enterprises.

this time, ODA thought of Newton "standing on the shoulders of giants" the saying. And many people like the idea of ODA thought IBM, CISCO and other multinational giants, if cooperation and multinational companies, it will undoubtedly cause the ODA station to a peak above.

but, if you want to stand on the shoulders of giants, you have to see the giant to keep you from standing. Young people just starting like ODA, and is still a student is not likely to cause IBM, CISCO interest. After several snags, ODA began to think can not find some powerful domestic cooperation company.

in Internet search, ODA found he always thought that only multinational companies will have the middleware technology, the country has been called a dragon network company to achieve a technological breakthrough. Also, provided in network library "middleware" is very cheap in price.

try holding the mentality, ODA went to Beijing network library and Liuzhou negotiate from Nanjing, and in the network library also is working to promote its ten years EDN middleware technology breakthrough achieved "". Because he is ODA technical background, so after reading in the library network products, immediately feel in the library network is to find him and want to stand on the shoulder of


and Liuzhou network library cooperation, not only for the company ODA greatly enhance the technical strength, also.

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