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shook the industry’s "2016 early corporate pay Research Report" to teach us: "robots instead of artificial" is no longer the academic speculation, online customer service has become the most dangerous position. With the large-scale application of all kinds of robots will be started, alternative work will be more and more, so, what we think of the industry and the post will be replaced by AI? 5 AI commercial case will let you be startled at.

in the film and television works, AI has emerged as the theme for many times, for example, last year only one gains a number of awards AI movie "mechanical" forward, Ji, we are familiar with the "body" and "she" and so on. The most recent is the United States produced HBO oratorio "western world" fire. In the play that created by the The West World as a tourist attraction for tourists. The difference is that in addition to the rest of the tourists are robots, and the same skin, the same action look, and later, and even give them the ability to think. These robots are typical AI products, has begun to commercialize the operation and output. Although the current level of science and technology can not reach the stage of the play, but for the use of AI has penetrated into a lot of business and daily life.

case 1: SparkCognition – monitor the stock exchange


stock exchanges around the world, many people are trying to manipulate the market to ensure their return on investment. Monitoring and managing such activities is a key part of maintaining investor confidence in the stock exchange, but it turns out that the traditional approach is not sufficient to regulate all of these violations of professional ethics. So SparkCognition successfully applied AI.

AI regulation based on the idea of this product to understand all the existing means of market manipulation, and can prevent the occurrence of these means, but also to understand the new forms of market manipulation, and warned the possibility of manipulation of abuse potential analyst.

specifically, the system will strengthen the supervision of the exchange regulator’s monitoring capabilities, without causing them to be false positives and a series of alerts. However, the system can keep up with the market manipulation technology, not only can be adjusted to the old means of operation, but also to monitor the new. AI can even prevent more illegal acts, such as the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) of the scandal.

at the same time, monitoring system based on AI, if you are a listed company owner, it will protect you, protect your stock fraud makers use; if you are an ordinary investor, these systems will allow you to have more confidence in the value of the portfolio.

case two: Equals3 – Lucy – market research partner



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