On the experience of foreign trade and the website construction

      today, there are peers to me, just entered a large company, found that can not access the Internet, there is no mailbox, how to do trade?

      do business to go out, the two major problem faced by a newcomer to the trade is, where is the guest? Where is the product?

      if you work in a trading company, with a new staff, understand the product than to find customers, because of a product are not understood in terms of the couple to him to the guest, it is an.

      if you are a newcomer to the factory, then the product is the first element.

      main business is, has only one, but now people seem to have the order reversed.

      training new people, picking 331 systems:

      every day the new person to find three factories, or three related products.

      make sure you make three calls a day, just contact the factory or the supplier you find. But for the record, to understand the problem is: 1, the product of raw materials, product price, product quantity, about delivery, payment.

      factory information, where is the factory? Production size? Factory background? Foreign investment? Who can contact?

      visit a factory every Monday. Look at the production line in the factory, establish the relationship with the factory contact, understand the product features.

      from the most convenient start. Or go to a factory with an old man, observe the way they communicate, make a record.

      so for three consecutive months, the new company to products already have a general concept, at the same time, also know the factory operation process, then he can contact the customer.

      for three factories, early are through the yellow pages, trade winds and other publications, such as Alibaba now have a commercial website search factory information will be easier. If you are lucky enough to have a boss who can let you surf the Internet, don’t waste your time on MSN, find a factory, pick up the phone, and the information will be on your hands. If you can not access (may not see this article) newspaper, Yellow Pages telephone directory communication, is a very good source of search. Then pick up the phone and get in touch with them

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