P2P dead specimens net win the world 4 months suction gold closed down 800 million


Behind the

P2P net loan chaos is the status quo of financing Small and micro businesses.

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in the P2P network lending platform just unfolding at the same time, there are also a lot of recent net loan company due to run and bankruptcy case. Among them, Shenzhen’s net win the world from the establishment to collapse in 4 months time, this time in just 4 months quickly accumulated in the folk net loan company 790 million yuan turnover, the reason to the collapse of the net loan can be P2P hot today, providing a a special specimen.

The phenomenon of

network to win the world more than 4 months which attract nearly 800 million

in September this year, Shenzhen’s net loan platform net win the world officially announced the cessation of service. The company was founded in the end of March this year, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, then in a short period of 4 months in the folk quickly accumulated 790 million yuan turnover.

net win the world official information shows that the platform is founded by a quasi listed company. Network to win the world actually responsible person Zhong Wenqin, this is to do the industry started, but also Huarun chairman. Huarun was incorporated in Shenzhen in September 2005, mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of optoelectronic devices and communications equipment. Zhong Wenqin shareholding ratio of 39.03%.

in the users also expect up to the annual yield of about 20%, the company has announced a hasty "stop operation", in August, Zhong Wenqin issued a notice letter on the Internet, said temporarily unable to repay, which makes investors wake up. Those who had also hold high return expectations of investors, look into "dog meat did not return" dilemma.

reporter on the Internet, August 8th, Zhong Wen chin issued "undertaking" for investors, "said net win the world lending platform network operating problems, resulting in investment in the platform for the majority of investors are not normally provided their own investment fund", and "continue to operate for Que Baoping, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors I would like to, for the Shenzhen city network to win the world Agel Ecommerce Ltd to provide joint liability guarantee".

Joint liability

Zhong Wenqin called, is willing to all the property for himself and his wife’s name (including Huarun (24.27, 0.21, photoelectric shares 0.87%) Limited shares, real estate, vehicles etc.) of all investment funds for the Shenzhen city network to win the net win the day Agel Ecommerce Ltd operating under the network lending platform on investors (including investment principal, interest, reward, penalty etc.) to pay unconditionally undertake joint liability.

Some users of the

did not elaborate on the "management problems" do not agree. In fact, investors later found that this commitment is lip-service. One investor told reporters that he had money in the net to win the world quilt, after the incident rushed to Shenzhen, "but did not see the person in charge can not know the treatment results." >

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