Anhui nternet webmaster gathering live

annual conference theme: to celebrate the first anniversary of the establishment of the Anhui Internet Alliance, to explore the path of Anhui personal site earnings, exchange of personal site operations experience

                              annual meeting time: December 14, 2008 (Sunday) at 14:00


                                  annual meeting location: new Wencai hotel main building four floor multi-purpose hall


[Live] fast code network founder Guo Jijun share site operations experience (2008-12-14 16:19:24)  

[Live] China Network CEO Mr. Fan Qing share site operations experience (2008-12-14 16:11:02)

[Live] ADMIN5 webmaster network CEO Mr. Zhang Zhengjun (Figure Wang) to share with you the site operations experience (2008-12-14 15:59:48)

[Live] behind the forum CEO Mr. Dong Qinfeng (refused to swim fish) to share with you the webmaster experience (2008-12-14 15:44:56)

[Live] live lottery starts (2008-12-14 15:40:30)


] broadcasters oulainuo week (2008-12-14 15:31:44)


[Live] nine dimensional interactive total speech (2008-12-14 15:25:04)

[Live] > Comsenz.

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