British man has untreatable supergonorrhea after a sexual encounter with a woman

first_imgThe politician said: “As I have just discovered we have more than a million who go to Thailand every year, where according to our superb consular services they get up to the most eye-popping things.” Blog A unnamed man from the UK has contracted a strand of gonorrhoea infection that does not respond to antibiotics. 0 Over a million British tourists visited Thailand in 2017. The man sought treatment earlier this year for symptoms that appeared approximately a month after he had sexual contact with a woman in South-East Asia. The infection is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which is spread by unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex. A British man has contracted an untreatable strand of gonorrhoea after a sexual encounter with a woman in South-East Asia. British health experts have warned that prostitutes in Thailand are fuelling the rise of “super gonorrhoea”. In February, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appeared to joke about sex tourism in Thailand during a major speech about Brexit. British man has untreatable ‘super-gonorrhea’ after a sexual encounter with a woman in South-East Asia April 3, 2018 Doctors are calling it the “worst-ever” case of the sexually transmitted disease.last_img

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