Online shopping express impersonator sellers bear the full compensation

sales expired food counterfeit drug operators were sentenced to pay a loss of ten


] Yin Chongyi case from Wuhan Hanfu Supermarket Co. Ltd. Hanyang branch to buy a box of peach Kyi gelatin cake, found the food shelf life has expired. The court Hanfu supermarket to refund the purchase price 251 yuan, ten times the compensation payment of 2510 yuan, 500 yuan compensation for travel expenses.

Liu Xin to Shaanxi Lixin pharmacy to buy 4 boxes of "quick slimming capsule", after the log the State Food and Drug Administration website did not find the relevant information, according to the approval number of products on the packaging of health care products found in the name of "Qiao Mei slimming capsule". The court decided to set up a new pharmacy refund Liu new payment 280 yuan, and Liu Xin compensation for the purchase price of ten times the price of $2800.

[comment] court in accordance with the provisions of the food safety law, unsafe food producers and food insecurity and knowing that sales operators correct the application of punitive damages in ordered to compensate the loss of consumers at the same time, any compensation for liability to ten times the price of food.

after the sale of prepaid cards to move consumers have the right to request a refund card


] the baby Wang’s mother in Beijing tour + baby supplies limited for swimming card, has used 4 times after + tour companies not in the original business address, Wang’s swimming card can not continue to use, and Wang + tour company to terminate the contract and refund the remaining payment was refused. The final judgment of the court, terminate between Wang and + tour company service contract, the company to return to Wang + swim swimming card costs 2262.65 yuan, 100 yuan deposit.

[comment] consumers in the use of prepaid card consumption process, the operator is not in the original address, resulting in the use of consumer cards can not be used, the right to request the termination of the contract and refund prepaid card balance.

online shopping goods are claimed the seller to bear all compensation


] Yang Bo in the form of online shopping from the electronic business department Fu Yingchun opened the value of 15123 yuan to buy a computer, Fu Yingchun commissioned Bayannaoer United Yuantong Day Day Express Ltd delivery. The arrival of the goods at the place of delivery after falsely claimed by others. Yang Bo sued the courier company and Fu Yingchun, court Fu Yingchun Yang Bo compensation paid computer 15123 yuan and mailing costs 95 yuan.

[comment] consumers online shopping goods in the delivery process by others impersonator, according to the principle of privity of contract, the Seller shall be liable for compensation.

shoddy false propaganda refund and pay compensation to three times

[April 17, 2014] case, Fan Jianwu cultural relics in Guangdong province spent 17100 yuan to buy a bracelet, the store opened according to the invoice "yqgda-0765 jade bracelet, after identification of the" pomegranate stone jade bracelet". Fan Jianwu think it constitutes a fraud, then to the people’s Court of Guangdong City, Yuexiu District province. The court ordered the store to refund Fan Jianwu 17100 yuan

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