Share this 2 years is how earn 600 thousand with detailed data a

I have a bold decision, just put my years of money after all written down. (including selection of items, packaging products, promotion methods, etc.)

someone will ask, it’s not good for you. I think: if I share, I can recognize a lot of peer friends, we can exchange more money experience, mutual promotion, mutual help. So I decided to open.

10 years I left a website design company, out of business. After screening, I chose the honey industry. Here is my domain name registration time.


this is my Taobao


look at the conversion rate of my Taobao shop, the average other people are selling about 30 pounds, we are selling around 50, profit is about sixty percent, others may be around twenty percent.


take a look at the profit from the beginning to the present.


below is spending in recent months


below is my business QQ customer base, more messy, did not classify the customer well.


rough statistics, these 2 years I probably earned a total of 600 thousand, although many, but only in the city for a house.

in the back of the day I will be divided into a number of projects in the form of diary share. One must not write.

today I would like to share why you choose to sell honey, why do I sell the price more expensive than others, why customers will choose more expensive we.

looking for a project is to do the most headache thing, unless there is already in the hands of the project to make money.

just started, I found these products: cockroach medicine, smoking cessation products, X gas dolls, honey.

then I will carry on the analysis, the thought of cockroach medicine is because my family had a lot of cockroaches, but has been unable to clear, like a lot of ways, but also to buy a lot of products, but have no effect. Once in a while to buy a few packs of cockroach drugs in the market, holding a try mentality, did not expect the effect of odd good. All out finished, after know upstairs downstairs, I asked me what the product is, so I checked in online search of this product there are so many people, but I also found a problem. This product is very cheap, although customers will turn around, turn to introduce, but the profit is very low, so >

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