Startups common 8 pit you fall into a few

This is what a close call

venture, from Chinese private enterprise average life expectancy of less than three years can be seen, it is easy to setting difficult. What are the common mistakes entrepreneurs in the business?

, 1 brothers partnership, enemies like meeting

Chinese society is a personal feeling, Chinese very affectionate, general business friends and relatives will pull in, just start a business, Hello everyone I am good, not what. Once the company has improved, the trouble starts, how the distribution of income, who contribute much who work for small, small quarrel with each other, the company more than the internal friction, slowly die, a bad beat two scattered, the stove. So in the beginning, whether acquaintances or strangers, must establish clear ownership system, this system depends on each person’s investment and output, so that all parties agree, in accordance with the system of income distribution, in order to avoid failure, death is bad.

2, foreign monks chanting

many entrepreneurs believe that their company is not operating well, because the staff is not able to do, always like to hire a large number of foreign personnel management company. In fact, it is facing great problems, airborne to know enough, some even to the industry is not well understood, but the old staff if not airborne, management, efficiency and effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Sometimes, to cultivate, entrepreneurs can cultivate course, no future decisively to give up, do not easily hire airborne, if you feel the lack of a team which, at the beginning of the formation of the team is looking for a reliable person is not better?

3, good face, love loaded X

just started, most of the enterprises are short of money, and even some companies have no income, has been in the situation upside down. But the founder of some "vanity" special love pomp, office area is CBD, decoration enough BIGGER, actually did not have much money. These may not be too important, there is also a person, when their strategic direction has a problem, in order to maintain the leadership face, insist on the implementation, results of his death. Entrepreneurship, a humble heart is very important.

4, but without knowing

many entrepreneurs are very love of competitors, motionless as a competitor research, this was not your fault, you know yourself. But there is always a group of people staring at others, not to reflect on their own. See the advantages of spare no effort to catch up others, see the shortcomings of others, ha ha ha laugh, think "the silly X, such a stupid thing is dry", and not to reflect, learn a lesson. Moreover, like the analysis of other people’s strategy, but never seriously reflect on their market strategy, do not know to do some research for their own.

5, will meet every other, seemingly very cattle

what will I take tomorrow, the day after tomorrow where there is a will, who want to go, I want to see some, like chasing the founder of idiotic powder, celebrities and various meetings, the circle of friends more.

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