Pixel 3 Camera app download released unofficially for Pie

Story TimelinePixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 hands-on: The new Android flagshipsPixel 3 freebie disclaimers: The fine printPixel 3 launcher is here for your phonePixel 3 XL lets you hide the notch or add a second oneI’m no notch-hater but jeez, this Pixel 3 XL This week the Google Pixel 3 was revealed in full by Google and, before the device hit stores, its camera app was leaked. This app includes some of the technology meant to make the Google Pixel 3 the most elite camera smartphone in the world. Not all, but certainly some. Unless you’ve got a Pixel 3 in your pocket, this is just about as close as you’re gonna get. This app has SOME features for the Google Pixel 2, basic features for the original Pixel, and all that features in the Pixel 3. Users will be able to roll with a number of new features regardless of the Pixel. Icons in this app are adjusted ever-so-slightly and a few new UI elements are in effect. A white circle appears around the most recent photo/video preview, and you’ll find an option called MORE that includes Photo Sphere, Slow Motion, AR Stickers, Lens, and Settings.Pixel 3 Camera features: All the biggest bitsThis includes a new panorama mode – a version made to align with dots to make certain you’re running in a row. Panorama includes a mic icon with audio option attached. This version of the Panorama camera system is optimized for VR viewing, and it might even make you want to use panorama mode in the first place!Portrait Mode is enhanced with a “Face Retouching” option – which should be sufficient to make you look like a very real smoothy-face. You’ll be able to select Natural or Soft, if you do so desire. Slow-motion action is adjusted using buttons 1/4 and 1/8 instead of 120fps and 240fps – assuming you’re using a Pixel 2 or 3. This app is available through the service APK mirror right this minute, via Android Police. This version of the app is fully featured inside the Google Pixel 3 and has slightly fewer features in the Google Pixel and Pixel 2. If you’d like to try the app in other smartphones, go for it – and let us know if it works!Also note: Any and all actions (and downloads) you initiate before, during, or after visiting and reading SlashGear are your own responsibility. SlashGear can’t control what you do, we’re not your parents!

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