Secret network red Taobao shop how to do Wang Sicong’s girlfriend in billions of dollars


DoNews feature in September 8th (reporter Zhou Qinyan) 3 July 27th afternoon, Taobao shop that Dayi completed another round of new shelves. The first more than 5 thousand items are customer second light within two seconds, all new products in 3 days sold out. Just a few days time, this beautiful girl will be completed under the ordinary line store sales.

Zhang Dayi is a Ruili model. May 2014, she opened her own Taobao shop, I rejoice in the wardrobe, less than a year on the line to do four crown, when the shop is new, the day’s turnover is the first class of the whole class of women’s Taobao.

Zhang Dayi’s Taobao shop is a microcosm of the red shop. According to Taobao, the Taobao platform has more than 1000 stores in the red shop. 2014 "double 11" activities, reds shops accounted for seven seats in the top ten sales shop shop on the new dress, some Reds can be broken when turnover of 10 million yuan. Most of them are billions of dollars on average net income per person per year.


hundreds of millions of sales, is on the order of millions of fans in social media. In fact, the growth path of network are quite similar to the Red: a beautiful young fashion Master as representative, with the Reds taste and vision as the leading of selection and visual promotion, gathered popularity on social media, relying on a large group of fans for targeted marketing, which will be the fans into purchasing power. red shop is how to make


awl face, big eyes, tall and blond…… Many red shop owners on Taobao have a similar appearance. It is conventional to them called "red". Now, these have been seen as a vase of red, as Zhang Dayi broke out as a staggering productivity.

in the red net, national husband Wang Sicong’s girlfriend Zhu Chenhui is one of the most to steal the spotlight. Zhu Chenhui: you are familiar with the "Red Net" Sydney, born in 1990, 2009, Sydney became a student of the 2009 session of the China World Trade Center Department of economics, Zhejiang Gongshang University, 2011 to the end of the year to study at Oakland University in New Zealand, opened the Taobao store "money mrs.".

According to data provided by Taobao

display, this year, the Taobao store in Sydney August evaluation of single transaction is 873331, the products sold by the average customer price at 220 yuan to 240 yuan. That is to say, so far, the Sydney Taobao store has at least more than 200 million yuan in sales. Taobao relevant responsible person said, the average profit of clothing retail rate can reach more than 45%, if at the end of this year, and buy the clothes did not give single transaction, the evaluation of this projection, she netted 150 million yuan this year there is no problem."

red shop owner Zhao Daxi is another example. Zhao Qi from the University began in Taobao shop, spend a lot of energy every day on the user interaction with micro-blog, push >

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