Promotion of the actual product station four how to analyze the website competitors


we decided to do a website to promote their products, the first step is to analyze the worth to do, according to the analysis of those keywords products easy to do, take a little time to survey and study, for your product promotion station has great influence. Love cooking today for you to explain how detailed analysis of website competitors.

is the first step to determine the target site keywords, and then enter the keywords at the top ten sites in the search, such as "day star reading" this product is the target keywords "point reading machine", so we in the Baidu and Google type "reading machine" to analyze the opponent’s website.

Baidu a point reading machine to find the relevant web pages about 3630000

Google search point reader to get about 11400000 results

The larger the number of

search results, the stronger the competition, this figure is just a visit, a very SEOER is also the result of the optimization as a single, the basis for calculating the remuneration. In a sense, these pages are all your competitors. If you want to appear in the top ten search products, you have to overcome all these pages.

we look at the following aspects from the analysis of competitors website.

1 competitors website URL is in what way? (to love cooking SEO blog site for example)

domain name:

level directory:

web content:

is a directory domain name: > > Web content, if your competitors website is in the domain name, said that there is a certain difficulty, if the page is URL said little competition.

2 domain name registration time, website PageRank level, Alexa rankings, Baidu snapshot date

domain name age, the accumulation of trust, traffic, customers are more, it is also more difficult to overcome it.

if the opponent is more than 5 PR, the expression is very difficult, if his PR reached more than 8, if you still want to do this product, it is necessary to point to other creative line, the short term is more than its ranking impossible.

3 competitors website in the major search engines in the collection of

included the number of impact on your traffic, included can reflect the structure and content of the website quality.

4 competitors website structure analysis, mainly to see the website structure, website chain structure, the site keywords distribution.


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