Why do you know how to do it The charm and value of market competition

if true Zhou said, knowledge, information and data are progressive, and then Baidu know, whether it is a progressive relationship? From the information search and knowledge search, in the next five years or even longer period of time, and what will happen to


market competition charm and value

weeks with six years to finally know almost into a unicorn company.

16 in the middle of the year, I was seriously considering whether or not to know about work. I remember, I was given a known executive micro channel, the effect that know the internal heard very slow, whether there will be problems in the execution of


you know, for an Internet start-up companies, the internal execution and everyone’s work attitude is a direct decision of life and death. And the man gave me a very interesting reply, he replied:


" does not exist."

Chinese, "said" when completed, it is appropriate to use here.


I asked this question before, Ji thirteen shell on the line just a new product called "answer", then knows the rhythm is obvious up soon, from the value of peace, to the known Live, and then to the bookstore and so on new product iteration.

so, subjectively speaking, as a love of knowledge of the users daily living (the whole 16 years of my login days is 360 days), I am grateful to Ji Shisan and shell.

this is the charm and value of market competition.

"in uncertain times, but also the pursuit of certainty."

last week, I went to the new media communication Huaxing, let me down the deepest impression of the word is Bao Fan said: "in the age of uncertainty, but also to the pursuit of certainty."

last year, the overall level of investment in the market does not fall but rise, but if the segmentation point of view, the number of early investment will be found to decline sharply, while the number of late investment rose sharply.

obviously, the fund are also in the pursuit of certainty".


weeks and Xu Xin in brief contact with the source, fast speed and low valuation made the investment, as an investor friend do post a few weeks ago once said to me: "knowledge on this round of financing is too smooth, share to rob not to."

for today’s capital, it is almost a certainty that such a strong case. After all, entrepreneurial projects also have the head, waist and tail points, know almost as the current market, the head of the project, or more than a lot of similar projects to be safe.

, however, there is always a contradiction between certainty and rising space. Know what the final outcome will be what?……


holding a lot of problems, I think while turning over the source of the week in the know almost on the

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