Talk about the importance of the original site and promotion focus

We all know that

do want to rely on search engines it is best to keep original website. So, do you know the original content of the website, including the content, structure, procedures, columns, classification, site name. Do these new friends pay attention?.

we all know that it’s easy to make a garbage station and do a good job in a day. Stand up quickly, in fact, this is just for you to create garbage for the internet. Content, structure, procedures, columns of the repeatability of the development of your station. A type of search engine where there is a high degree of authority of the station, these stations have been identified by the search. And you go to copy their search, will you? Of course, you can make your station do better than him, or you and search a relationship should be regarded as a different matter.

original, it is best to content, structure, procedures, columns, classification, web site names are all unique. Do like children, every child is the one and only that just have the value of existence. So how to do the original site? The following list

a, the site was previously positioned:

do a good job planning, what do you want to stand, what functions need to achieve what purpose, want to make what the station, what is the worst case, what is the best situation. Before you want to do anything, you must first think of their own ability, your time, money, conditions can support the development, maintenance, operation. If you can then do a survey of the heart, the more popular station, get good flow of the number of such stations do more, then you can not get out, do better than the general. Then you can do, you can not want to have to be more specific, do the unique, the content is more unique.

two, who is the user of your site?

web site must be probably think of the position you do stand there will be those users love, those users will not love, with which I will also write articles that.

three, program

program that the individual does not recommend the use of popular programs on the site, such as the structure of the program is too many sites the same. Similar procedures have been searching group K has a lot of facts. Will write the program to write on their own, do not write the program can be written in the functional requirements of a technical help you write. The site is not cheap, you want to pay a return. Marry now have to take a lot of prize money, want to give birth to a baby don’t pay for what. The website function does not have to be complicated, simple and practical line, a new site must be simple and practical, must not be perfect. Can be based on the actual situation in the future need to modify the function. A new station after the development is not necessarily your original position, and how much deviation, then the beginning of what function to do the whole, you will find a lot of white do. The program will write to no matter, money is wrong.

four, column content

new sites do not much, concise, you want to do so

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