Dong Jingyi network marketing good results come from good cooperation


The importance of

network marketing channel construction, I think I should not have too many statements, we all know that the network is really important.

but only know that it is very important, is not enough, but also know how to do to make it better for us to bring value, we may think before doing a website is the network marketing, then some progress, and that the website can be found is the network marketing, in fact, this understanding is not comprehensive.

network marketing is a comprehensive system engineering. It is not to spend some money, entrusted to a company will be able to complete the. Indeed we are proficient in network marketing of the road, but after all the products and industry of our lack of understanding, so it needs to cooperate with each other, we interact together, we can finally realize the complementary advantages, one plus one is greater than two effect.

, for example, specific to the site optimization, we will index web site in the search engine, to a height, website content, will be faster and more comprehensive search engines, to get better ranking, so that customers to the premise of the content, is expensive the company website needs to have this content. Although we can help customers to maintain the information on the website, but by the business restrictions, we of your products do not fully understand, for you do not fully understand the industry, may be in the content coverage, accuracy, depth can not reach the best state. This requires the network marketing customers need to use some of the content on the site.

we will help you to solve the content of the web site was quickly crawl included, as well as to enhance the ranking of the problem, but we can not solve the problem of the number of data within your company’s website as well as the frequency of updates. After all, we are not proficient in your business. In the web site in the search engine to improve the weight of the site’s content page ranking will have a corresponding upgrade, so the content of the site’s page number of the overall effect of the optimization has an important impact.

again, part of the record site also need to actively cooperate with the customers, if not for the record down, so only through outside space to access your website, although the use of outside space can be a normal visit, but because the data long-distance transmission, your site response speed will be affected, if you are using outside the space, then your website in search engine performance will also be affected, especially in your Baidu users, we all know that Baidu not harmonious information filtering is very strict, it is not willing to let users see it outside information.

finally, the network marketing activities does not mean that only the promotion of corporate websites, in addition to the promotion of the site, we can also do a lot of things, these must be completed by the network marketing customers themselves. For example, if you are doing online selling vegetables, so as a business owner, you can occasionally write a "online shopping" is highly sought after city quietly like the article, for your health.

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