China B2B Alliance the spring of e commerce model for small and medium sized enterprises

since the 12th Five-Year plan since the rapid development of e-commerce industry has is the focus of the market, coupled with the rapid development in recent years of industry vertical sites, is the "B2B" business model to a new height. However, with the diversification of the target market and the diversification of user needs, the integrated B2B business model can not meet the needs and services of the target market and users in a certain extent. On the one hand, in order to "special", "deep" as the direction of the market orientation has been revealed; on the other hand, diversification, personalized demand has become increasingly prominent.

in the face of the contradiction between informatization and enterprise integration in the process of the mainone group relying on its many years of industry experience, the development of technology and strong financial strength and extensive customer resources in the country, with the future development trend of industry websites and forward-looking, in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology promotion center under the support of China launched B2B alliance.

B2B China alliance is the integration of vertical sites in 45 industries of high-quality industry, realize the resources through to cater to the individual needs of the enterprise to make network on the Internet, a deep integration of the dawn of the era of industry website resource breakdown service, after the integration of the alliance is the best group built complementary advantages of network and services, information technology and enterprise the depth of integration.

Compared to Baidu

alliance, Google alliance, B2B alliance Chinese advantages Obviously, union website are Bailitiaoyi registered users the most, the most active customers, cumulative maximum flow, directly occupy the major industry website to search the best position; and directly lock industry Web search results, covering enterprise groups, independent website filtering visitors reach the precise effect.

China home textile network is covered by the 45 major industries in the "home textile" industry portal, is the home textile enterprises to exchange information, looking for cooperation, showing the image of the network platform. According to the international Alexa website traffic monitoring agency data, Chinese textile network joined the B2B alliance, on site visits more than 30 million people; total more than 1 million registered users, and is growing; the number of global textile sites, ranking and visits Chinese Textile Network ranks first, the resulting economic benefits is considerable.

with fierce competition in the B2B market, the majority of enterprises to understand Chinese B2B alliance, in order to distinguish it from other alliances and meet the actual needs of customers, according to the B2B China alliance must service content of bold innovation, give full play to the industry website resource integration advantages, focus on customer needs, highlighting the characteristics of personalized service, to meet the demand of transaction the demand and supply of the most urgent in the shortest time.

China B2B alliance opened the industry website leap type development, accelerate the speed of the development of China’s e-commerce industry website. We look forward to China B2B alliance in the future by virtue of their own advantages and the majority of the user’s support and trust, and constantly improve and develop, to help improve SME e-commerce >

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