Depth of the field of excavation of ten domestic vertical search site is noteworthy

[introduction] vertical search relative to the general search potential, is that they want to achieve the depth of mining resources in a subdivision of the field.


Tencent technology news Lois reported on November 29th

search has been regarded as the giant game, only one of the domestic Baidu accounted for more than half of the share. But can not be ignored is that, in addition to giants, especially in the field of vertical search, there are still a lot of start-up companies are very active. Today, there is news that just a few months on the movie search and recommendation engine tonight to see what was recently acquired by Baidu.

although these vertical search products are often faced with the fate of the acquisition, but the vertical search product potential mining, is still in a very early stage. In the era of high efficiency, improve the ability to access information needs more suitable tools. Compared with the general search, the potential of vertical search is that they want to dig deep resources in a subdivision domain.

below is the ten domestic concern vertical search products:

: social search engine

started in March this year to invite the beta, the target product is the combination of social networking and search engine. Track the behavior of users in such a network using the trajectory, combined with the user in such a network of social behavior of the user’s trajectory, for its push more cordial search results.

and so on is a cloud of soil’s website. Liu Jun, founder of Google (micro-blog) has been responsible for the formation and development of Chinese search services and engineering team. With Google out of China, Liu Jun took out a group of Google Chinese search technology core team, founded in June 2010 cloud. Sources said, cloud soil has been Sina’s strategic investment.

meal net: online ordering website

, strictly speaking, is not the main meal network search function, but through the form of map, but provides a convenient channel for users to find nearby restaurants and the corresponding food types. Who said the search must use keywords and search box when the user wants to quickly find the information you can order and take orders, it is more efficient than the general search.

June 2010 online site, began to start from the Communication University of China and CBD business district, has been covered in Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Shanghai. The product also has on-line mobile terminal, its founder Zhao Xiao had expected the mobile client will bring 20% orders to meal net growth.

security loan: finance loan search engine


website was founded in September of this year, mainly to provide a quick loan search platform for borrowers. Borrowers can obtain banks, guarantee agencies, small loan institutions and other financial institutions to search service to help borrowers quickly find loan products and institutions. In >

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