Personal Adsense way English website

      now in the domestic abnormal mature Internet market, Chinese personal webmaster currently have to face a grim reality: this website has gone through its golden age, is declining.

      1, China’s Internet has not had much chance. In every corner of the Internet can enter inside, have capital in fighting, if you in the last few years has accumulated a certain popularity based website, all over again, then you have no capital, no team is difficult to make a difference.

      2, the blog has replaced the personal website has become the source of information on the Internet, and the Internet giant has completely occupied the use of their own advantages of personal website space. For example, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia in the weight of Baidu search is very high, take up a lot of the original belongs to the flow of personal website.

      3, due to the Chinese Web site has collected the proliferation of plagiarism, the network of intellectual property rights can not get any protection, the production site is now like a physical activity has become a network of migrant workers.

      4, the special national conditions lead to the Internet policy environment is getting worse and worse, such as the website of the strict supervision of the individual website to reduce the living space.

      5, Chinese website advertising value as low as they can go, some money a click, thousands of times the IP display has only a few cents value. Google Adsense is the most personal webmaster survival source of income, but now the price has been as low as they can go, for example, I IP7 on thousands of even a day on a $English website advertising, as a IP with a single click, this is the website of Chinese sadness and helplessness.

      remember held in Xiamen last year 265 owners meeting, President Cai Wensheng said Chinese webmaster go abroad to have a brilliant future. Indeed in the current domestic Internet environment such as this, if you want to rely on the Internet if you want to rely on the Internet to eat, rely on the network when the migrant workers in the country is no way out. And for the international, English website may be a new way out.

      1. Besides, the beginning of the English station, it is estimated that a process of plagiarism adaptation, the English language is not high.

      2, lower cost English do website, currently in the United States registered domain name and virtual host to buy cheaper than domestic more affordable, look at the United States host /cn/ evaluation will know, do a 100G in the United States can infinite space

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