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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 14th news yesterday, the Jingdong’s pat Network announced that, after a month of online operation after pat micro shop will soon officially opened operations, and decoration businesses can apply for pat micro shop by wd.paipai.com.

pat Network relevant responsible person said, during the closed beta, pat selected 5000 businesses opened pat micro shop and complete the renovation operations, at the same time, pat Network will open all pat micro shop businesses to provide a unified WeChat payment function, which consumers can pay through WeChat in any business pat micro shop shopping, payment payment to pat accounts, receipt of goods and consumer satisfaction, then by Pat payments to merchants.

it is reported that, due to the Taobao platform to shield the WeChat link jump, making many sellers of the era of PC can not reach by WeChat, to maintain the old customers, as well as from the PC shop drainage. Thus, pat shop came into being.

According to the

pat micro shop responsible person said, the Jingdong and the Tencent strategic partnership based on pat will also through the center of the entrance of WeChat and mobile phone QQ on the pat micro shop center provide in the two mobile client solutions. At the end of October, mobile phone QQ will give a pat on the opening of the two level entrance, and combined with the Tencent’s social relationships chain provide social electricity supplier innovative gameplay for the pat pat micro shop business; at the same time, will be for businesses to provide wireless wide point strong independent drainage tools, and businesses to continue 1:1 advertising subsidies, to help businesses with low precision drainage cost.

According to the current situation of

beta estimates, the average pat micro shop get a new user costs between 1-2 yuan, while other C2C platform needs 10 yuan or more. Pat shop to get an average cost of an order between 7-8 yuan, while the other C2C platform requires more than 30 yuan. Pat said, in order to advertising and search for the main flow distribution logic of the electricity supplier industry, pat micro shop through which the heart of the entrance and the flow of subsidies to help the seller to reduce transaction costs.

for the popular circle of friends electricity supplier, pat said, this caused a disturbance to the social environment, but also bring fraud and transaction risk, pat will be paid through the security mode to ensure the interests of consumers.

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