VC PE Massacre Chinese angels have died as a victim of gambling and bubbles


death is not the end of the individual, but the end of the old pattern. When the bubble burst, we call angel investors in the face of adversity, rethink the significance of angel investment.

The risk of

investment in the future trend of the most sensitive, every aspect of the industry chain has a slight fluctuation, will lead to the reconstruction of the value chain of the practitioners who fall into a reverie. The rise of the other side of the ocean angel investment wave, a serious stimulus to the nerves of the venture capital industry. The angel fund Andreessen Horowitz financing $2 billion 500 million, in recent years, almost all of the top companies can see the shadow of the myth, but also the eyes of China’s venture capital industry bright blind eyes!

almost all venture capitalists have a nervous fear, fear of their own way of life. They fear an attack from any direction, fear of losing the foundation of life, fear of being stuck in the throat. And the ambition is to see the opportunity to be blind amplification. So, whether it is personal angel, or PE and VC who have chosen to quickly extend forward, grab the angel project from the rush of A round of projects, and then to grab the Pre-angel project, even berserk only business plans a Book Project


but angels and VC/PE are different ways to play. VC and PE phase of the company has begun to take shape, the direction has been clear, the income structure is also basically formed, the valuation model is relatively perfect. But Angel company is completely different ideas, they have no financial data, two is the ability of the team rarely tested, the trend is not clear judgment of the three, and there is no strict valuation standards. This is a need more experience, more dependent on intuitive decision making, are also more likely to make you "lose" the industry, it requires practitioners to calm and rational.

, however, everyone in the industry believes that angel investment is a huge business, is a subversion of the existing value chain, the monopoly of the entire industry, is a career that can not be absent at least. So, we see a group of people these "most extremely clever" crazy. They are not familiar with the sky in this field in the net, in order to hit the middle of a Facebook, a Google, a QQ. of them while staring at each article technology blog, while looking for China as if fierce tigers imitators, even creating Chinese replicators. Supply and demand, price and value, the most basic business sense in their eyes are blind! The angel investment has become out and out of gambling, deceived by a few.

finally, the history of the world’s most dangerous venture capital venture capital massacre, in May last year, while the listing of Facebook staged. In 2012, Chinese angel investment has experienced a roller coaster of the scene, the first half of the fiery situation, to the second half has turned cold. The original of the various VC and PE as the stampede in the tide of rapid retreat, "early exit" fast "

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