Resellerclub several advantages to teach you how to save money agents

domain name registrar ResellerClub is through the ICANN certification of the international well-known domain name distributor, the current domain name is ranked first in Asia, in the global domain name registrar market has a high influence. ResellerClub through the proxy to provide domain name registration services and other network products services, no retail business. After entering Chinese a year, ResellerClub caused a great deal of attention, more and more of its agents, the author recently collected some information, is to teach about to become a RC agent and RC agent has become some tips on how to save money, I hope to help the agency of RC, also is my experience with you friends share.

1) agent advance discount

ResellerClub entered the market shortly after the release of the Chinese Chinese website (, in its official website Chinese registered prepaid a $200 discount, and for all levels of agents (including base slab), after the activation of all products can enjoy the highest level in a month for a proxy price, it does not want to pay too many pre payment, want to start from the lower level to try to carry out the business agent, is a good good news.

2) how to save payment commission

ResellerClub support credit card, Paypal and Alipay to pay. Many people may choose to pay Alipay, because of its support of RMB payment. But many people give up other payments because they feel they are not used to the dollar. The following is the payment interface RC and receive


credit card (Credit Card: with Online Transaction Password): 2.4%


‘s (Paypal): 2.9%+$0.3


(Alipay): 3%


can be seen, the credit card payment is the most cost saving, compared with Alipay saved 0.6% of the cost, the cost is also a lot of days and months multiplying.

but the credit card payment need to register the following points: A. credit card is a dual currency card (RMB / dollar, and now the bank issued a credit card is basically a two currency card) and with Visa/Mastercard logo. B. for the first time using a credit card payment, RC will require the cardholder to provide the appropriate verification information to avoid credit card fraud, but after verification of a subsequent use of credit cards do not have to verify, simple procedures.

3) free enterprise post office

recently ResellerClub registered domain name for the mailbox has been upgraded from the original gift of a size of 2>

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