Mobile nternet surging wave of Web site operations go from here

in the era of open source, creating a web site is not difficult, and is no longer a technical problem. How to operate the website in thousands of sites is definitely to challenge every webmaster and operational staff scorched by the flames of sou.

, a Chinaren – – – – – – large and small sites such as how many creative shining meteor show Epiphyllum like flies, but not everyone happy, than a bad? Difference? Not just care about the operation. This honest to say: the station is the station that can Xing, operation is not feasible operation.

SEO, flow exchange, project – – – – – – this is each site operations personnel most familiar words; website SNS, micro-blog standard – – – – – – this is the operation of each site actively adapt to the trend of the times. Why web site operators than technology and become the core of website development? Why web standard SNS, micro-blog will fall over each other? In short, because the operation is how to make the site have traffic, users and higher user stickiness higher work, while operating under standard SNS, micro-blog and SEO, special production is an effective means to achieve the purpose of the.

the development of the Internet, web site operators did not become as formal teaching in university classroom discipline, but it has the good wife hundred-percent become a rich connotation of knowledge. In the early stages of the development of the website, the so-called operation is limited to the acquisition of the contents of the release (from the reprint to the original to the original), web sites, such as exchange of traffic. After entering 2 age, after Facebook, SNS set off to catch up with Google and other traditional overlord platform Twitter wave, led by micro-blog group and menacing, as if there is a catch up from behind potential, the Internet community, repeatedly changing and momentary trend. In the revolution of the wave of Web site operators also timely action, to Taobao, the Sohu to the forum site are colored small SNS to reunite the user stickiness; the size of the site opened micro-blog SNS channel or fall over each other, using open API SNS, with the well-known micro-blog site through cohesion; many sites spread rapidly and the characteristic of micro-blog powerful user groups have to stay in micro-blog reunion fans started micro-blog business – – – – – – all based on Internet in every situation in the wave of Web site operators can shun sometimes moving innovation model, and the result is that the site can be long and erect.

SNS, micro-blog is limited to the traditional wave of the Internet, whether it is a new round of the Internet revolution is still difficult to determine. But it is certain that the mobile Internet is raging like a storm on behalf of the times worthy of the name of the Internet revolution. It can be predicted that the rise of mobile Internet will not only bring about a revolutionary change in the mode of operation of the site, it will further bring fundamental changes in the entire Internet industry.

to Shi Jian today, a single site operators, the mobile Internet era is bound to make significant changes in the operation of the site. However, in fact, the rapid development of mobile Internet in a short period of time with Baidu, Taobao, Sina and other large network companies active layout >

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