Network promoters to transition as soon as possible to specialization

network marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, is an industry development in recent years and hot, because a lot of knowledge on their own learning in practice, or through the understanding of other training methods and to practice. It can be said that we are feeling the stones across the river, so a lot of things are learning in the application of learning.

the industry becomes more and more important, the network time, is no longer an enterprise to open it, whether multinational companies, or local small companies, and even government departments, will have their own website, has its own propaganda page. The current exist on the Internet, "how many people can have no real statistics, but the world’s largest search engine company Google has released its collection of web page has more than one trillion, according to expert estimates, which accounted for one trillion of the proportion of the total number of pages across the Internet is quite small, each page Google included there is a certain quality, so that there are more search engine abandoned"? Has not statistical


so, even if there is a search engine to help us in the query classification of web resources, but in such a vast index, also can not fully guarantee all of the search results are consistent with your requirements, can not guarantee that your site search is always to others. Thus, on the one hand, gave birth to the search engine optimization of this industry, and then derived more network promotion and marketing groups. This is the inevitable product of the current environment, not only demand, but also the demand situation will be greater and greater. The future of Internet business competition will be more brutal, more intense.

said that if the promotion, as long as the familiar to many people will blurt out many ways of marketing promotion: soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion, IM promotion, marketing, marketing, blog marketing and so on. Indeed, to say the method, then several, although it can be subdivided into all aspects, each point of execution, but not deviate from the essence of marketing promotion so much. Maybe with the development of the network, and some other a lot more from the new way of promotion, such as the now popular micro-blog promotion, although it is relatively new, but it is still belongs to the category of the blog marketing, just change the way.

promotion like programming, the tools can be used on several, can use the language is nothing more than that. However, no matter what kind of tools, no matter what kind of method, can write a good program is a good tool; similarly, promotion can achieve good results is the best way to promote. The problem is not on the tools, not in the method, but the tools and methods you use are effective for you, whether it is the most suitable for you, this is the most important.

is currently so many programming tools, we can not use each, so many programming languages do not need all to learn; in the promotion, there are so many methods or approaches, we are going to learn to all use? The answer is negative.

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