Read comics dream marketing have to say high EQ

Mo bully young poor, dare to dream on the return.

after Green Tea, scheming bitch bitch bitch, dream to polymerization in this era to become an independent school, look at comic APP founder Chen Anni brunt. Sensational and logic and appearance, a "sorry last year, I only have 1% life", this detonated mingled in the "plagiarism" and "juvenile feelings" public opinion between entrepreneurial products. Recently, the great Anne shot again, with their personal experience for the user to make a quick look at the development of elaborate cartoon APP.

"this time, I finally have the qualifications, worthy of the word dream bitch." The micro-blog once available, will once again set off a controversial frenzy, excuse, or encourage each other? Is circuitous as war, or shaoanwuzao? Is different from other products of poaching or consumer oriented strategy, a sincere analysis? In the public has lost immunity to the traditional marketing means of the moment, look this cartoon by virtue of their unique set of "dream type ace", along the way can be hacked to capture a lot of people, resonates enough into a pile of A4 paper so thick. To be honest, the use of storytelling to do the product, this routine is not new in the Internet Co. But why do young people eat them?

"90" grew up in a "listen story" environment, curiosity and curiosity as they explore the world of the Holmes code, the mood is too heavy, involvement of things are mostly based on subjective, and they believe in their own judgment over the outside imposed guidance. The chicken soup, they hold the attitude is a fine smell, not smashed over, with a blend of estrangement with mainstream life watching. If can let them listen up feel useful only, this word is probably "dream". The survey shows the graduation season not long ago, over 60% of the students want to do the things you love to do poineering work, and look at cartoons, is precisely to the majority of young people to "learn" mentality. In other words, look at the success of cartoon marketing is that it is a bowl of chicken soup, but gave you the soup spoon.

of course, use the word to describe the success it is too early, rather than "EQ" is the phrase. After all, many young people in the eyes of "dream bitch" label, still represents opportunistic, still represents a person motivated mistakes not because of hard mask and smile. (…… Omit 500 words here…… Also, a person) is not the correct facts and be blind because of prejudice, light and heavy, right and wrong, we are not evaluating things. Buffett said, only when the big waves receded, we know who is swimming naked, then we do not speak with bated breath wait for the tide receded slightly better……




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