Creative optimization to improve the quality of bidding easy fun trick

search engine marketing (SEM) in quality is a very important factor, optimization of the entire account are focus on the quality of the keywords, and keywords quality evaluation is the promotion account in a comprehensive index, keyword quality is very high, so the key words of the bid will be relatively low. How to effectively optimize the quality of the account in the optimization process is very important.

to do the bidding of the friends should know that the quality of the keyword is affected by 5 factors, namely the click rate, correlation, creative level, account history performance and target page quality. Today, I mainly from the perspective of the creative level of quality optimization analysis.

A good


unit structure disorder


information can not be creative fluent expression is the main reason of the bidding, operators do account structure when there is no reasonable promotion unit and reasonable allocation to create unit in keywords.

solution: re grouping, the key words in accordance with the same structure, the meaning of similar units in different places, and then re creative.

The wildcard for

some bidding operator to make creative gains across the board, not very good position arrangement of wildcards, leading creative don’t read it.

solution: the reasonable use of wildcards, best to let the creative read fluent, very complete expression of creative advertising enterprise

two. Related

keyword and creative relevance

keyword information can not be accurately expressed by the concept, for example, the company’s keyword A is the price word, the corresponding creativity is the performance of the company’s strengths and historical background, then this is a typical non related.

solution: will be in accordance with the principle of the same structure, meaning similar to the principle of re grouping, and then according to the promotion of each unit within the common theme of the key words to write creative.

: correlation between promotion information and target URL

users click on the promotion of information, can not meet the demand, it will hurt the user experience, that is when users click on our feelings and creative advertising enterprise creative description does not match, a kind of deception, this is not relevant.

solution: in the selection of landing page, we should try to choose our creative related pages, rather than we are the product of A creative advertising, but the user to the product B page.

three. Attracting

creative form

The main reason is

creative form or less rosy red.

solution: when writing the title and description of the creative reasonable insert wildcard (3-5), try to increase the probability of red, attract the audience’s attention, at the same time we can also adjust the creative > in state

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