News soft marketing three steps to teach you with Wang Feng headlines


has experienced five times and missed the headlines, headlines can not always buckle hat, and often suffer from users and the media ridicule Wang Feng, finally the headlines. On the evening of February 7th last week, Wang Feng due to the success of the proposed marriage to Zhang Ziyi, and finally returned to the headlines. However, as a network marketing workers, the author from this thing but another sentiment: in the news of the prevalence of soft network marketing today, how to use the hot events of the enterprise soft marketing?

learn Wang Feng on the first step of the headlines – binding hot topic of soft

as we all know, an article that will attract you to read, the title must have a fascinating place. So a good soft Wen can cause other people’s attention or reprint, whether the title is the most important. But in this statement, here is not to let everyone write the title of the party, as long as the hot events and the title of the soft Wen is very harmonious together, in general, is a very attractive title. For example, the news on Baidu input "Wang Feng headlines the keywords, ranking the news headline is" together with Wang Feng on the headlines of the drone fire "," Wang Feng rare headlines, and UAV spotlight etc.. It can be seen that the title was not rhetoric, but by combining with the "Wang Feng headlines this hot perfect," drone "success in news headlines headlines.

learn Wang Feng on the second step of the headlines – do SEO optimization for soft

is a hot event on it? In the rapid development of science and information technology today, many people will use hot events to do marketing, to promote their products, but to really understand the site SEO optimization technology only professional webmaster workers. Feng Fujiu letter senior media specialist said: "many people may feel hot events do not have any relationship with their own keyword promotion, but as long as through sound reasoning, let these events effectively and your keywords in contact, whether it is from the beginning of this article, or in the end, as long as reasonable Web site keywords, plus reasonable keywords, anchor text, so the effect of the SEO optimization will be greatly improved, and more help to the marketing promotion effect".

learn Wang Feng on the third step of the headlines – let hot soft Wen ran up

Wang Feng, although not on the five headlines, but wins in the headlines. How to say? Released divorce speech from Wang Feng, met Wang Feifa micro-blog said she and Li Yapeng "husband and wife do so"; from Wang Feng in concert to Zhang Ziyi confession, in Guangzhou Hengda football club won the AFC Champions League; released new songs from Wang Feng, Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi met Yang Mi and Hawick Lau announced a public affair, marriage hearing, Ye Zuxin, Jiang Xin, Qiao Zhenyu is a star, or announced romance, or announce. Although Wang Feng’s news has been overshadowed by other hot spots, but it also derived the netizens to help the headlines on the height of the voice, in a period of time aroused the concern of the people of the.


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