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TechWeb December 19th report text / beans

Hello, open room records inquiries, a province of 900 yuan, a total of $1500." Customer service for a data query service.

"is the data real?"

public security system query, data is true and effective."

is skeptical of the author, the other lost over a web site, just enter the name or ID number, you can query to the relevant identity information, ID card information, mobile phone number, e-mail, home address and registration date. After the author of the test, the information is only part of the identity of the staff, the registration of the time range are in 2010 -2012 years of time, the author speculated that the data may come from a hotel registration information.


(in a website to enter the name "Liu Tingting" after the emergence of personal information)

recently, the Nandu reporter spent 700 yuan to buy a colleague to buy the whereabouts of colleagues, including the opportunity to open the room, Internet bar, and other records of the 11. More thrilling is that one day the whereabouts of orientation even deposits can be easily found.

in fact, intermediaries selling personal information online has always been there, an intermediary to provide information, as long as the ID number, you can check the open house records, census information. Even more interesting is that the so-called data can also query the network chat records, professional extramarital affairs investigation, even open house records delete function.

our privacy information is to be disclosed? ID card number is how to track the whereabouts of the individual? The author after the check, try to restore the industry chain information reselling black production.

these data can restore a full range of personal

full range of reduction of a person is not difficult, an ID and a mobile phone number is. A person valuable information but including home address, work units, flight (car), open room, track activities and wealth of information, this information has been reselling the production of black gang is abstracted into several aspects of the data: credit data, telecommunications, mobile host data location data, data security, data delivery system.

can get a personal credit data in the wealth data bank; Telecom positioning data, mobile host data can access the activity location, longitude and latitude can be accurate to six decimal point; express data can not only obtain the shopping records, can also get the phone, working unit, address and other information; data is used by the public security system the public security organs handling database access, open car (machine) records.

fraud gang with these information is easy to obtain the trust object of fraud, deception and more convenient. In this year’s sensation in the case of Xu Yuyu, the victim received a strange phone call, the other claimed to have a 2600 yuan grants to be issued to her >

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