From the college entrance exam to a piece of paper to create Soufangwang


reporter Li Hesheng (right) and chairman of CEO

motianquan SouFun

computer news reporter Li Hesheng

in the newspaper news weekly review in 2008 seventh of the "Internet real estate" collision Chinese special plan, we have predicted: the next few years, the Internet will lead to China real estate industry a major change! And this hero Mo Tianquan, will undoubtedly become a leader in the field of Internet real estate industry reform movement.

was born in a family of scholar first chapter Guanyang college entrance exam

if you have a chance to reach the plain of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River on the border of Guangxi, you may be attracted by a north-south river. Along the river flow, over hundreds of kilometers of the mountain, a willow leaf shaped like a small southern town will suddenly appear in front of you. This is where the hero of the story was born in Guangxi, Guanyang, the north and south of the river is a total length of 144.23 km.

back in history, here as early as twelve years before the emperor in the Western Han Dynasty (168 BC) had built the county, was named Guanyin county. The industry for thirteen years (AD 617 years) was renamed Guanyang county.

looks ahead, in China’s IT circles inside, coming out of Guangxi celebrities, especially business leaders seem to be numbered. If carefully on the Internet in place, it is no one Internet business leaders from Guangxi, in this context, on the Internet and repeatedly Zoupian Jian Feng famous battle of Mo Tianquan is particularly compelling.

is worth mentioning is that the real estate industry is closely related with the brilliant Mok, and in his hometown of Guangxi, a real estate industry also rely on the famous, that is a current domestic housing industry, Vanke Group founder Wang Shi.

1964, Guangxi, Guanyang.

in Guanyang County, the Morse family is a famous family. In the Guangxi, the Morse family has considerable influence, Morse clan reached as many as 500 thousand people. According to history, the earliest written record of the Morse family can be traced back to ancient times..


has been in the past 40 years, but still can recall the memory of the childhood of the hometown: "my home in the local mountains in a depression, such terrain is very common in the south of the Five Ridges area. A few hundred meters away from the gate, there is a river."

After graduating from

Mok Guanyang Chengguan primary school, in the home arrangement, went to Hunan to study in Shaoyang. At that time, Shaoyang is the famous "three lines" building an important base, there are many from the north to the military enterprises, and the outside world is relatively isolated, quiet environment. In addition, there is an important reason, the family is the landlord, the father will worry about the impact of children’s university entrance exam, so he commissioned a soldier uncle Liu will be moved to Hunan, Shaoyang.


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