Music account system as there are serious security vulnerabilities free to change the binding infor

music has from simple content service providers gradually evolving into TV, boxes, mobile phone and network intelligent cloud storage platform for the integration of ecological integrity, and membership account is the users with better resources and guarantee service experience.

however, according to the "I need" to us recently broke the news, as the official community and Post Bar have landed that reflect the membership account not registered, the Advisory Service said on behalf of the query and not only provides effective solutions.



said there is a senior member of serious security vulnerabilities caused by LETV account system, only need to get the account password can be in no need to verify the code under the condition of random change of the original binding mailbox and mobile phone number information.

this, users have expressed concern about their own accounts and internal security of personal privacy information, but as of now, as the official music has not yet given a clear explanation and solution.

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