A good hand to play it has been the star of these startups are dead and why

Abstract: another star venture company fell on the road, Amoy on the road announced the suspension of business, all employees forced to leave, began to organize and pay off debt. 100 people may have been the 1 day, but 1 companies can have 100 kinds of death. Former star startups, how is it down?

in the past the end of June, mobile travel platform Amoy on the road to suspend business, all employees forced turnover, began debt consolidation and settlement. Another star startups fell on the road! 100 people may have been the 1 day, but 1 companies can have 100 kinds of death. We will see below, the former venture star is how to get a good hand to play out. I hope these bloody lessons can help you escape the deadly pit on the road of entrepreneurship.

1 Amoy on the road

Amoy on the road APP on April 2014 on the line, formerly known as the road in 2011, the main destination products, allowing users to truly realize the freedom of 100% on the trip. 2014 a line to get tens of millions of dollars B round of financing. With Taobao and Ctrip super luxury management team Amoy on the road, was a famous star of the tourism industry OTA. At the end of June this year, the company issued a notice that the Amoy struggling on the road, beginning with debt consolidation and settlement, and dismiss all employees.

fall reason: inaccurate positioning. Traffic is large companies such as BAT control, control of upstream enterprise resources have been scouring the road, sale of the main, in these two areas are not dominant, the burn model can not solve this problem, with the passage of time will inevitably encounter a dilemma.

venture warning: market positioning is the biggest problem of a lot of tangled. It can be said that 90% of the entrepreneurial enterprises at the beginning of their own positioning is not accurate. Only with the constant changes in the market, in order to continue to explore the most suitable for the enterprise market positioning.

2 Theranos

Theranos was founded in 2003, a blood testing company, aims to completely change the blood test market, the peak market capitalization of $9 billion. Young beauty CEO blessing, let the company become dazzling star aura. Elizabeth Holmes 19 years old from the Standford bridge University drop out of school, yes, another outstanding school dropout of the famous woman! Research and development of revolutionary medical technology for the benefit of all mankind, but also recruited a university teacher to work. Although the eggs, Theranos eventually fell.

fall reason: the so-called innovative technology is actually a failure of the test product, the boss did not recognize the dead carry, but also threaten the families of researchers are not allowed to say it all. This is simply a blatant fraud! Elizabeth Holmes not only did not lead Theranos go further, but let themselves into the cage.


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