A hamburger from Changan Tang greatly received 3 million yuan Angel round of financing

in the consumer goods market, hamburger like "Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef" and "Shaxian County snack" on both sides of the Changjiang River huobian. A big data provided by Baidu takeaway analysis shows that Beijing consumers love the food is preserved egg lean meat porridge, mutton and hamburger.

In addition to the well known

West master, recently another hamburger brand Tang greatly announced the acquisition of 3 million yuan Angel round of financing, investors not to disclose.

central kitchen + distribution station model, batch standardized production

is the name of Tang Dynasty greatly, founder Zhang Weifeng said, "Tang" in the foreign representative Chinese, and in Chinese is reminiscent of the time Changan, Changan people’s eating habits, in addition to hamburger, and cold noodle, two kinds of food packages, is currently the standard room is down.

Tang greatly use the "central kitchen + distribution station" production. Unified production and processing of the central kitchen, and then modified by the special insulation van distribution to the site, the site is only covered by China World Trade Center, China Trade Zone, this year will expand the scope of distribution. Logistics, Tang greatly built a 6 person distribution team, but also to take away and Baidu, the United States and the United States and other platforms hungry.

Zhang Weifeng believes that the line storefront cost, management cost is relatively high, so the marginal cost of not reaching 0, in order to control the cost, many businesses can do fine in the ingredients, packaging simplified. Based on the West master hamburger produced in Tongguan, Tang greatly modified hamburger: Kyrgyzstan steamed pork + white. Steamed Baiji oil + egg + water by way of semi fermented, a temperature and humidity control strictly, ensure the new baked bread just out from the furnace has the same flavor, supplier selection and B2B mode and other outside the oil dish network cooperation.

in the control of meat, the pork meat Tang greatly, but more, this is also the traditional Xi’an hamburger eating, adding to the soup boil, incense is very high. A hamburger craft, Zhang Weifeng said, they found a hidden in the alley shop in Xi’an, but also to the local dispatched three apprentices to the owner of learning. Now Beijing central kitchen Tom, is from Xi’an shop to long-distance transport, every day to cook again, once for 4 hours, there will be more and more rich flavor.


hamburger is easy to control, cold noodle is different, can only ensure the daily production of 300. Zhang Weifeng said, the market is cold noodle strength, is because the addition of additives, which requires industrialized production, but in order to maintain the original flavor of Shaanxi snacks, only one production, so production is limited, generally the day before production, second days of delivery.


Zhang Weifeng believes that the hamburger and the cold noodle.

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