The history of the most cattle Taobao promotion techniques

I found a lot of Taobao customers in Taobao began to do UGG boots promotion. Therefore, I am here today with the help of A5 platform to write some of my personal experience in marketing. Although the competition is more and more intense. However, I believe that as long as the efforts will be able to achieve. Editor: recommended learning Taobao customers to promote professional website to take, the content is very good, learning network marketing, website promotion students must not miss.

1 using Google’s free advertising: advertising itself because there is a demand, when we registered is earned 350 yuan, in fact, we do sell products to increase sales, so we use this 350 yuan in advertising to do, should pay attention to when setting the keywords, if we set well, then bring us may be 3500 yuan, if the setting is not good, then bring us income even less than 35 yuan.

2 search engine promotion: speaking of search engines, some people may be afraid of, in fact, we don’t have to be afraid, we will not do optimization, but we can use others to help us to do the promotion, such as in the PR value high site posts, there is the use of Youku, cool 6 video website promotion etc.. Good results Oh!

3 soft Wen promotion: soft Wen is a very powerful advertising carrier, a good soft Wen can not only seize the reader’s heart, but also let the reader for you a lot of reprint. Note: the best soft text is not written for the title, but for the whole article to express the meaning of the content. Finally, select the relevant platform to release. This is very important. Because of the accuracy of the target to improve the conversion rate of our product sales

4 site navigation landing: the navigation station a lot at home, but you don’t want to easily in the hao123/265 landing, so we can find such as Taobao shopping network, site navigation [local] and so on the website promotion, because the goal is very clear, so the effect is very good.

5.BBS: publicity can to some large shopping BBS to post, but to send for the article, in the appropriate forum for example: Mom in the community, can do the title of the party, in the Sina forums, can write an article with. Because I found that Ali mother community in the very few people to see stickers, we are doing promotion, he left a message in your advertisement will not look at the walk. Sina is different.

6.[for the manager] can do CPS promotion in advertising, they only bought only pay commission, so you can make sure you don’t loss, just like my avatar Amoy flagship store as genuine, is the use of such a simple and safe method has achieved a very good result. There are a lot of methods such as: QQ promotion, mail promotion, ebook promotion, hype promotion, etc.

I first wrote here, the above are my own use of the promotion

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