Chen Rongbin leave the search engine are you alive

search engine is water, I think this website is fish too, I prefer to think that "the website is water, the search engine is fish".

indeed, most of the websites rely on search engines to live, and this website basically is junk website, webmaster basic not focusing on user experience, the pursuit of flow, in order to obtain cheap advertising revenue. In fact, the site’s life there are many, in addition to garbage stations, we can also choose other modes.

When the

site is not loyal visitors, your website is very dangerous! Don’t you think so? If there is such a day, when your site disappeared in Baidu or GOOGLE, you will how to? I think you are absolutely give up this, select the. – this is undoubtedly a kind of picking sesame seeds, watermelon, nothing in the end, the figure of youth.

problem is how we take off the shackles of the search engine? How can we strive for their own loyal users of the site, access to long-term traffic?.

1, will be the site of a little construction level, not full station hanging advertising, like a pockmarked man, believe that the user is not interested. What is more, in order to deceive horse etc. to get traffic, in fact, this is undoubtedly to decrease harm than good, the entire Internet industry credit. All over the world are horses, dare not try.

2, the site’s information rich, engage in some original content. Website content is very important, not the rich content of the website is unable to retain users, now society, try to imagine will be in the shopping website of wasted time? Rich content sites do not promote a netizen is an old customer, word of mouth, weighted aggregation. You can see: – a website without content is ultimately not a climate.

3, user interaction, cohesion of the masses. Through the line off the assembly line, network interaction, so that users improve the centripetal force, really pay and efforts for the site. They will be more publicity for you. Than your search engine traffic is more important! Sales Forum (see: is the interactive communication for the purpose, through the network, a large number of activities under the line, have got a lot of good reputation, make sales people become a well-known Web site marketing industry


above three points is very important, they make search engine optimization becomes redundant, because you have loyal customers!

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